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Mindsets For Student Life

Get the tactics, attitudes and strategies to excel in your studies and live a balanced student life.

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Mindsets For Personal Development

What mindsets do the top performers in their field use to get ahead? What attitude should a Muslim have?

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Mindsets For Worship Habits

We often know what deeds are good to do and what to keep away from. However, knowing how to fit them into our lives and stay motivated requires a new set of skills.

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It was only when I took your seminar that I started thinking critically of myself. I was sleeping late and waking up late. I was neglecting much of my worldly life, let alone the eternal one. I also had the opportunity to read some of your work which really motivated me.

A few months in and I started changing my habits gradually. One of the points you made was making a habit of reading the quran a few minutes a day. So I did so. Last year I adopted a 50/10min structure when studying.

Seera Masters Student

"The Sheikh told me to just read Quran and make sincere dua"

Ameen, Founder of Seera Masters

Have you ever been given generic advice like that? From a friend, a teacher or a parent?

You're struggling with your studies, your worship or confidence and someone tells you to just make dua.


Then I know you've probably wanted to scream back at them "It's not that simple!!"

Dua, belief and trusting in Allah is where we begin and it's the most important ingredient to our success in this life and the next. However, there is the element of designing our lifestyle and mindset using principles of behaviour change.

That's why years ago I set out to study the mindsets, systems and tactics of the high performers in multiple fields. To see if there were universal mindset principles to get us through hardship, to make us content and to boost our worship.

This was the beginning of the Seera Masters journey.

Seera Masters is proudly based on:

Islamic Principles

We take from the Quran, Sunnah and the excellent examples of Islamic personalities and apply those principles to our lives.

Psychological Principles

We use research-based strategies of how your mind works to make upgrading your mindset and lifestyle extremely practical.

Seera Masters is the only site you need to master your psychology and reach your life goals. We believe that Islam provides us with the perfect mindsets to succeed in all aspects of life, they just need to be presented in a more practical way.

We also believe in looking at the top performers and teaching you the strategies and tactics to propel you forward.

My mission is to help you be an ambitious, successful Muslim. That's why I publish outstanding material here on the blog and create videos, podcasts and guides for free!

What I really enjoyed about the webinar was the fact that it was very interactive unlike most webinarS. I don't know if you could see our names, but I commented a few times. I also like the fact that all my comments were read as it added to a tutorial feel as opposed to a lecture.

I also really appreciated the pace as it was not too slow and kept me engaged.The main benefit I received was using the POWER technique to make my goals more specific, especially in regards to making them positive (i.e. eating a plant-based rather than cutting out meat) and time related (i.e. taraweeh at1am). I will apply this to the rest of my goals especially regarding when to make my set d'uas and putting specific times for sa'at istijabah and the last third of the night.

Seera Masters Student