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List upon list of random tips rarely get us anywhere. Instead, I use this complete system that is easy to implement and leaves nothing to guesswork.

In your free training you'll learn:

  • ​How to organise tasks so everything gets done in the right order, at the right time
  • The only software you need for all your organisation to keep everything in one place
  • The Japanese project management system I used to create more free time when life was more hectic than ever
  • How to sort your tasks into 5 categories for seamless workflow
  • A heck of a lot more!

You'll get 4 complete lessons for free:

What do students have to say?

"I'd like to start off by saying-jzakAllahu khayr for such an insightful webinar (may Allah Azzawajal reward your efforts)What I liked about it, was how you divided it into sections and gave concise, yet thought provoking commentary on each point.

As you know from my previous Qs, productivity has always been my weakness, but the way in which you've suggested we should implement each section, really does make attaining consistency in iman a realistic goal, alhamdulillah."

Seera Masters Student

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