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By Ameen at Seera Masters | Personal Growth

Bismillah ARahman ARaheem.


I’m so glad you’ve taken time to take a look at the Seera Masters website. Time is precious after all!

Let’s get straight to what you can expect from us:

In-depth, practical blog posts

We don’t write about the latest trends and current events to get quick clicks. We write detailed, definitive resources that our readers (you) can come back to again and again to learn and take action to change their lives for the better.

We aren’t after your clicks and visitor statistics, we want your hearts and minds!

Audio blogs

Some people just haven’t got into the habit of reading and some people feel they don’t have the time! It’s because of this that we’ve launched the Seera Masters Show.

A podcast where we publish every single blog post in an audio version as well as exclusive interviews we’ve done with guests.


We’ll create downloadable resources for you to access for free. Some will address specific challenges that our readers face and some will be made custom for a specific blog post. Enjoy!


Coming soon…

PS. If we make it, it won’t be average.


All the above will cover our 3 main topics for Islamic lifestyle design: personal growth, student life and relationships.

These are the topics I have the biggest understanding of and those that I am most passionate about. They are also the most important keys to being able to design your lifestyle.

What is Islamic lifestyle design?

As Muslims we believe that we will answer for what we do and how we live in the dunya (this world).

We also believe that ourĀ deen means our way of life, or lifestyle. As I learned more and implemented more I realised that this is more than just personal development. It’s about designing your deen so you can follow your purpose, live your dreams in a practical way and most importantly gain the pleasure of Allah in the process.

I believe that the strongest believers are those that take initiative to design their life and not those that let the world dictate what they do, who they live with, who they work for and every other decision in between.

I’d be honoured to have you as a regular here, as a Seera Master.

Ever need anything? Email me: ameen@seeramasters.com.

Jazakum Allahu kheir.



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