If I Could Rewind Time (the dungeon story)

By Ameen at Seera Masters | Personal Growth

When I was doing my master’s degree in London I rented out a room with my good friend.

We called it the dungeon.

I laugh at the name now but it was quite a depressing place to live. It was a basement room with little slits for windows. Already in London there is a lack of light, so imagine being underground šŸ™

The windows weren’t double glazed so a cold breeze would come in. I remember sleeping with a jumperĀ and a jacket on because the landlord, who lived upstairs would get hot and turn the heating off haha.

Alhamdulilah it was much better than many places that people live in! My trouble was that I would always sit and do my work in that dark room.

Uni was a long journey and I didn’t want to spend money on sitting in a cafe. I would sit and do my dreaded assignments in the dungeon where I had 0 focus.

For this one module I had to read this complex journal papers and summarise them in my own words.

Not only was it so boring, I really couldn’t focus at all

It would take me 3 hours of ‘work’ to get 30 mins of real, focused work done. That’s why when I say Consider It DoneĀ is a dream of mine from the past, I mean it. If I could have had these systems and techniques back then it would have helped me SO much!

Alhamdulilah I made my way through the course and I passed but I don’t want that for anyone else.

Whether you’re:

  • A struggling student
  • A student who wants to aim higher
  • A 9-5 knowledge worker who’s always stressed
  • Or just someone looking to set some big goals and accomplish them!

Consider It Done is sure to help you inshaAllah and I don’t take saying that lightly!

Module 1 allowed you to put in place a system for organising and taking charge of your weekly and day to day tasks. Make sure you really squeezed all the value out of it because soon I’ll be opening access to modules 2, 3 and 4 inshaAllah!

Until next time inshaAllah,



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