Your concentration stories!

By Ameen at Seera Masters | Student Life

Assalamu alaykum!

Thanks for joining me here! Please share your challenges below.

Check out mine:

I was doing my masters degree and although it was challenging I found the first term really good. The perfect balance between working hard and having time to relax.

But in the second term I nearly died haha! I had this one module that required me to prepare for a seminar each week by reading 4 journal articles and summarising them to discuss with my tutor and classmates. For some reason my concentration was so low that for each hour I would ‘work’, I would only spend about 10 minutes actually getting anything done. I got SO distracted and I obviously hated the module.

Keep in mind, I was summarising these articles but most of the time I didn’t know what they were on about haha. I always felt like the underdog in that course even though I did Ok in the end.

It was crazy, my lack of concentration meant that I had to work around 5 hours just to get 1 hour of real work done. Madness! This meant I would only do 4 things for that term: work, sleep, eat and pray. I didn’t do anything during that term.

Was really depressing to be honest but for some reason I didn’t even consider quitting. I guess it really isn’t an option for me 😛

I’m interested to hear the situations you’ve been in because of lack of concentration or otherwise…


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