One Tiny Ramadan Hack To Use Before Ramadan Begins!

By Ameen at Seera Masters | Worship Habits

It's true...

Allah has given us hacks for reward in the akhira! Some small, good deeds that don't even take much time or effort but give us a huge return in reward inshaAllah!

​I came across this idea from my brother Muhammed from Muslim Mastery which you can find in the 6 minute video below. I'll add clear steps for you below.

Action steps:

  • Make a list of the types of people you want to give dates to. Eg. Family, neighbours or friends.
  • List each household you want to give to and their location
  • Find dates to buy (wholesale if needed). PS. Check that they are not from Israel.
  • Buy the dates
  • Deliver them with an extra gift card or decoration
Let me know how it goes and how many people you gifted!

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